23rd March 2020, Resolution Day to Defeat Covoid-19

23rd March 2020, Resolution Day to Defeat Covoid-19

We use to celebrate resolution day every year on 23rdh of March with great enthusiasm. In Pakistan, different ceremonies are organized on resolution day. A special military parade is held in the capital of Pakistan by Army which is broadcast live on National TV.  To pay tribute to the martyrs of Pakistan, holiday is officially announced so that we can remember the sacrifices of our national heroes.

I have heard many stories about this day in my childhood. Even academic syllabus has been included in our elders’ struggles, especially on this day 80 years ago. If we take a closer look, we will find out how our ancestors fought against the British to achieve an independent country.

80 years ago our elders came out of their homes and stood against the British as a strong wall. It was a day when all Muslims made a pledge that they would refrain from sacrificing for freedom. All Muslims had passed the resolution of Pakistan, which resulted in the birth of Pakistan on August 14, 1947.

All the Muslims united to give evidence of being a nation, thanks to which we are living in a free country today. Following them, today once again we have to prove ourselves as one nation.

The whole world is currently competing with the Corona virus. Our country is also suffering from this epidemic. And today, 80 years later, we have to fight again so that we can get rid of this virus.

Our struggle is much easier than our elders. Because this time we don’t have to get out of the house, but stay indoors. We don’t have to face guns but to keep social distance.

The corona virus (covoid-19) is a very dangerous pandemic that transmits from one person to another. The virus can survive for a few hours in the atmosphere or on a surface. If we restrict ourselves to homes for a few days and take special care of cleaning, this can very easily be achieved.

The name of Islam in which we acquired this country, today is the time to practice the teachings of Islam regarding the cleanliness. As our Prophet has said, cleanliness is half faith. And today we all have to prove our faith together.

Today will also be a holiday across the country on March 23, 2020, but there will be no ceremony as we all have to fight again today. We all have to confine ourselves to homes and defeat the Corona virus.

Trip to Muree

Trip to Muree

My first visit to Islamabad was planned abruptly but this time I left for Islamabad and Muree with full preparations. Muree is about 64 km away from Islamabad and the journey can be completed in one and a half hour.

My friend was returning to Islamabad after spending his holidays in Bahawalpur. Our plan was to spend a few days in Islamabad and then leave for Muree on the weekend where our common friend Asad lived. We intended to enjoy three days of snow.

We reached Islamabad from Bahawalpur after traveling for ten hours along with Abbas. Reaching the high and lush mountains of Islamabad, I felt as happy as before. Islamabad has an evergreen beauty and I am sure I will not be able to stay away from it for long.

Asad and our old college friend Arsalan were also living with Abbas in a same flat in Islamabad. However, according to the plan, after spending a few days in Islamabad as a bachelor hostel type life, on Friday evening, February 19, we left Islamabad for Muree by a van. As it was night time we could not enjoy the hills but as we were going up the cold was getting worse. Such cold falls in the month of December in Bahawalpur.

As soon as we reached Muree, we took our jackets out of the bag because we could not bear cold anymore. There were piles of snow everywhere, especially around all the passages as if the passage was made after the snowfall.

This was my first visit and I badly wanted to see the snowfall but it turned out that the snowfall had stopped a few days ago and now there is no chance of its happening again.

At the bus stop, as we get out of the van, agents of different hotels started trying to surround us and started telling us the facilities of their hotels. It was all new to me and I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of them. Assad, being a resident of the area, scolded them in the language of the mountains, after which they all left us.

Asad had already made our reservation at the Nambal Hotel on Mall Road of Muree. In the hotel it was a four bed room which was enough for four of us. But of course we didn’t come here to sleep. After freshening up we went out to Mall Road. Despite the bitter cold and snow, there was a great rush and why not? Heat-stricken people come here to enjoy the cold and snow. Young boys, girls and families were enjoying themselves here. There was a huge rush on shops at Mall Road and people wanted to carry souvenirs for their loved ones. I also bought a shawl for my mother which cost Rs.600. Kashmiri Tea and other food stalls were also surrounded by people. But what surprised me most was the people who were enjoying the ice cream even in the bitter cold.

Just one blanket was not enough to sleep in the hotel at night so I had to cover myself with double blankets. I realized that the clothes I had brought with me were not enough to withstand the cold, so I borrowed a jacket from my friend in the morning.

It was Saturday, February 20th. I woke up first as usual but all three of my companions were enjoying a good sleep and I waited for them to go out again when they woke up. As I said before, we are not here just to sleep in a hotel room.

Umair Khan Trip to Muree

After having a hot breakfast (With Siri Paye) in the morning, we spent the whole day enjoying the snow-capped mountains at Mall Road and Kashmir Point. Assad showed us his school and his home. To avoid the cold, I bought a jersey shirt for myself and came back to the hotel at night. We were so tired and fell asleep while chatting.

Umair Khan Trip to Muree

The next day Assad had to go to his village so he said goodbye to us and left. It was Sunday, February 21, and since it was a holiday, there was a rush on the Mall Road since morning. Today we planned to go to Patriata known as New Muree. I put on my new jersey shirt which I bought from Mall Road yesterday.

We booked an open air jeep and started our journey towards Patriata. It was a sunny day. The snow around the road was shining with sunlight. Patriata has the largest cable car chairlift in Asia. Due to fatigue, I was reluctant to stay any longer, but when I reached Patriata, I found out that there is still a real beauty to be seen.

First we reached the second hill by chairlift, enjoying the beauty of the mountains, from where we boarded the cabin car to reach the third hill. One cabin could seat eight people.

On the third hill, the view of the collection of white snow-covered trees was breathtaking. There were also various dining points and relaxation spots. We hiked further along this hill and reached the next point where you can see the beautiful view of the mountains in Kashmir. Tired of constant hiking, we got down on horseback and returned to Patriata by cabin car and then by chairlift and started our journey back to old Muree.

Arriving at Mall Road, on Arsalan’s insistence, we also enjoyed ice cream in the cold. After picking up luggage from the hotel, we returned to Islamabad. I was tired from the continuous journey but I had to travel further for home town.

My friend Abbas dropped me off at the bus stop. I left Islamabad with a heavy heart. I slept all the way in bus opened my eyes in the morning when reached Bahawalpur.

The cold, fever and cough gripped me for the next week, but I’m fine now and recording my memories. One thing is for sure, I will come back again.

First Trip to Islamabad

First Trip to Islamabad

The scope of our thoughts is limited to our knowledge and our knowledge is limited to the environment around us. Therefore, in order to increase our knowledge, it is important for us to discover new places. This will broaden our horizons.

For me, the first trip from Bahawalpur to Islamabad was like a baby bird emerging from its nest for the first time. It was September, the end of summer, and the beginning of winter.

When University life began, college friends parted ways. But my dear friend Abbas from college was still in touch. After my father’s death, when I was tired of life, this same friend showed me the way to life. Coincidentally, he went to Bahria University Islamabad for his master’s degree and I took admission in Islamia University Bahawalpur.

Whenever he came to Bahawalpur, he use to tell me stories of his life in Islamabad which fascinated me. I was looking forward to his return every month to learn more about Islamabad. It was the month of Ramadan and when he came to visit, he mentioned that he had to go back to Islamabad for three days for the necessary work of the university.

Hearing this, a desire arose in my heart to go with him to Islamabad for three days, which he gladly accepted.

I was captivated by the breathtaking views of Kalar Kahar and Islamabad’s entrances. Before today, the mountains I only saw in the pictures were actually in front of me. I was feeling very small in the high mountains. For the first time in my life, I realized that we often harbor many hatreds in our ego’s desires, but how small is our real place in this world.

Umair Khan

I became a fan of Islamabad after seeing the wide clean roads, lush mountains and unique scenery. Pakistan Monument and Lok Virsa are awesome. Before I came here, I had no idea that after these 3 days of visit, I would like to come here again and again. I have never lived a hostel life but when I stayed in a friend’s flat with 3 more of his friends, I also enjoyed a kind of hostel life.

Umair Khan

We played badminton, chess and ate at Food Street at night. Also enjoyed the famous Blue Area Savour Foods and ate ice cream by sitting on the foot paths at night.

When my friends took me to Bahria University, I realized that it was a different world like a glamorous film industry. The quality of education here could not be assessed but the status of the students was speaking itself.

Life in Islamabad is very different, very fast and the best part is the natural beauty and stunning sights. I don’t know if I will ever be able to shift here on a permanent basis but Islamabad will always be my dream city.

7th Annual Dinner 2009, Commerce Department IUB

7th Annual Dinner 2009, Commerce Department IUB

I have been fond of participating in extracurricular activities since my school days. These opportunities were rare in college but still I used to organize some kind of party on my own with my friends. I remember once persuading Miss Nazia (economics teacher) and second time, Mr. Kashif Hameed (IT teacher) to organize a party event. I designed both events and all the performances in them were written by me. Their rehearsals were also under my supervision. I loved designing and participating in events. I especially wanted to host the program.

Heard a lot about the university events. When I found out about the Commerce Department’s seventh annual dinner, how was it possible for me not to participate? I signed up for the song, drama and host and the rehearsals went on for about 2 weeks but eventually I was given the option to participate in only one thing so I chose to be the host.

I was chosen to host the informal session and my co-host was Isra. Normally I don’t get impressed with people so quickly but I got impressed with Isra’s personality very quickly. For the first time in my life I met a girl who was so intelligent and confident. Hijab was making her personality more attractive. She was fluent in English but since we were both selected for the informal session, I wanted to do this session in Urdu which did not match her personality and there was contradiction between us from the beginning. I don’t know if we will be able to stay in touch after this event but I will always remember her in good words despite the differences. She is a very graceful girl and she must be from a decent family who has brought up her very well.

The event was to be held on May 22, 2009 in the grounds of Four Seasons Restaurant. Our Director of Student Affairs Mr. Mohsin Matin and Miss. Ayesha Shaukat were supervising the entire event. A certain number of students were volunteering to manage the event.

I had already figured out from Isra what color she was going to wear so that when we went on stage, the color of our dress would match. We were told that we would be given a chance to rehearse on stage before the event started, so we arrived at the “Four Seasons Ground” (name of venue) at 4 pm. The stage decoration work was going on and Sir Mohsin Matin was looking very busy to make this event success.

Unfortunately, only those with formal sessions got the opportunity to rehearse on stage, but still I went to Isra and did light rehearsals. Maybe I knew we wouldn’t meet after that and used the excuse of rehearsal knowing the last chance.

An hour later, the whole ground was filled with students. Upon the arrival of the chief guest, all the students stood up and welcomed him. The formal session began. After the recitation and Naat, a series of speeches followed and then the dinner started. The informal session was to start immediately after dinner and we were the first host couple.

I was very excited and everything went very well. At the end of the ceremony, we all made our way home. It has been a memorable day for me and I will always remember it.

A day out with Friends, Short Trip of SamaSatta

A day out with Friends, Short Trip of SamaSatta

I was just awoke. It was the evening of the last days of March. I was feeling a little burdensome despite being full of sleep. As I left my room and sat in the veranda, my mother brought a cup of hot tea for me. I desperately wanted tea that time, that is why I started to enjoy its sips.

Meanwhile the doorbell rang. Found out that my friend Zeshan has arrived. He was in a hurry and asked for my consent to plan to move SamaSatta. The next day was Sunday. Of course I had no reason to refuse my friend. I gave my consent to go. We were four friends, including Me, Zeshan, Ahmed and Zubair.

SamaSatta is not too far from Bahawalpur but it was my first trip out of the city with college friends so my father gladly gave permission.

There was a train track behind our college and (as usual in Pakistan) there was no barrier around the track. It was decided that we would all park our bicycles at the college and board the train as soon as the train slow down on the railway track.

I know this is illegal, but at that time, all the people who want to go to Samasatta used the same way that we did. Everything went exactly as planned. However, the experience of getting off the train at the station was a bit scary. I was traveling in train for the first time in my life, I followed instructions of my friend Ahmed and get off safely.

As I used to follow rules, discipline and avoid taking risk so it was a big adventure for me as well.

SamaSatta is a very small backward area. Some of our Class Fellows live in SamaSatta. We arrived at the friend’s house while enjoying the rural culture on the Tanga ride. Our friends were surprised to see us suddenly. Certainly the people there are very hospitable. After the lunch they drop us on station and this time we bought the tickets from SamaSatta Railway station.

We came back with many happy memories.