23rd March 2020, Resolution Day to Defeat Covoid-19

23rd March 2020, Resolution Day to Defeat Covoid-19

We use to celebrate resolution day every year on 23rdh of March with great enthusiasm. In Pakistan, different ceremonies are organized on resolution day. A special military parade is held in the capital of Pakistan by Army which is broadcast live on National TV.  To pay tribute to the martyrs of Pakistan, holiday is officially announced so that we can remember the sacrifices of our national heroes.

I have heard many stories about this day in my childhood. Even academic syllabus has been included in our elders’ struggles, especially on this day 80 years ago. If we take a closer look, we will find out how our ancestors fought against the British to achieve an independent country.

80 years ago our elders came out of their homes and stood against the British as a strong wall. It was a day when all Muslims made a pledge that they would refrain from sacrificing for freedom. All Muslims had passed the resolution of Pakistan, which resulted in the birth of Pakistan on August 14, 1947.

All the Muslims united to give evidence of being a nation, thanks to which we are living in a free country today. Following them, today once again we have to prove ourselves as one nation.

The whole world is currently competing with the Corona virus. Our country is also suffering from this epidemic. And today, 80 years later, we have to fight again so that we can get rid of this virus.

Our struggle is much easier than our elders. Because this time we don’t have to get out of the house, but stay indoors. We don’t have to face guns but to keep social distance.

The corona virus (covoid-19) is a very dangerous pandemic that transmits from one person to another. The virus can survive for a few hours in the atmosphere or on a surface. If we restrict ourselves to homes for a few days and take special care of cleaning, this can very easily be achieved.

The name of Islam in which we acquired this country, today is the time to practice the teachings of Islam regarding the cleanliness. As our Prophet has said, cleanliness is half faith. And today we all have to prove our faith together.

Today will also be a holiday across the country on March 23, 2020, but there will be no ceremony as we all have to fight again today. We all have to confine ourselves to homes and defeat the Corona virus.