A day out with Friends, Short Trip of SamaSatta

A day out with Friends, Short Trip of SamaSatta

I was just awoke. It was the evening of the last days of March. I was feeling a little burdensome despite being full of sleep. As I left my room and sat in the veranda, my mother brought a cup of hot tea for me. I desperately wanted tea that time, that is why I started to enjoy its sips.

Meanwhile the doorbell rang. Found out that my friend Zeshan has arrived. He was in a hurry and asked for my consent to plan to move SamaSatta. The next day was Sunday. Of course I had no reason to refuse my friend. I gave my consent to go. We were four friends, including Me, Zeshan, Ahmed and Zubair.

SamaSatta is not too far from Bahawalpur but it was my first trip out of the city with college friends so my father gladly gave permission.

There was a train track behind our college and (as usual in Pakistan) there was no barrier around the track. It was decided that we would all park our bicycles at the college and board the train as soon as the train slow down on the railway track.

I know this is illegal, but at that time, all the people who want to go to Samasatta used the same way that we did. Everything went exactly as planned. However, the experience of getting off the train at the station was a bit scary. I was traveling in train for the first time in my life, I followed instructions of my friend Ahmed and get off safely.

As I used to follow rules, discipline and avoid taking risk so it was a big adventure for me as well.

SamaSatta is a very small backward area. Some of our Class Fellows live in SamaSatta. We arrived at the friend’s house while enjoying the rural culture on the Tanga ride. Our friends were surprised to see us suddenly. Certainly the people there are very hospitable. After the lunch they drop us on station and this time we bought the tickets from SamaSatta Railway station.

We came back with many happy memories.