Takaful Training Session

Takaful Training Session

Takaful is an Islamic mode of Insurance and arranged for the compensation of financial losses due to any uncertain situations. Takaful is an Arabic word which means “guaranteeing each other”. The term Takaful refers to the concept of Islamic insurance based on mutual cooperation, where both risks and funds are shared between the insured and insurer.

NRSP Microfinance Bank is Pakistan’s first Islamic microfinance bank. The bank has arranged different sharia complaint policies to cover its assets and financed amount.

Takaful Training Session

Training Name: Takaful – Islamic mode of Insurance

Trainer Name: Umair Khan

Venue: NRSP Training Center, Bahawalpur


The objective of this session is to aware the bank’s Islamic Division staff regarding takaful policies.

Training Content:

  • What is Takaful?
  • History & Background
  • Difference between Insurance & Takaful?
  • Takaful arrangements for Islamic Banking
  • Assets Takaful
  • Takaful Life
  • IJARAH Takaful

Trainer Profile: Umair Khan has a 10 years’ experience of supervision and management of insurance & Takaful claims and procurement of insurance/takaful companies. He has vast experience and knowledge. He has delivered many training sessions to NRSP Bank’s staff.

Training Method: Presentation / Group Discussion / Role Play Activity / Quiz


  • Understand the concepts of Insurance & Takaful
  • Awareness of Asset Takaful Policies arranged by Bank
  • Awareness of Life Takaful policy arranged by Bank
  • Awareness of IJarah Takful Policy arranged by Bank
  • How to Guide Customers regarding takaful arrangement?
  • How to lodge claims of customers under IJARAH & Life takaful policies?
  • Understand the required documents and deadlines to lodge claims