Change yourself to Change the Nation

Often times we get so busy finding mistakes of people around us that we do not see our own mistakes or we may not want to look at our mistakes because we always consider ourselves right.

This is a very bad act because it makes us look at everything negative and we keep judging others regardless of what conditions they are going through.

One of the major disadvantages of this habit is that we blame others for everything wrong that happens to us. We all want to change our circumstances, but instead of doing something for ourselves, we hope for others.

We want to change others rather than change ourselves, which is never possible because first we have to change within ourselves, only then will its effect be seen outside.

First of all, we have to understand that everyone faces bad situations. And it is a bad time that gives us experience so that we can take advantage of that experience and be careful next time.

The second step is not to be irritated or to blame others for any problems you face. Rather, you have to understand the nature of the matter and try to find a solution.

The third step is to try to understand the problems of the people around you and help them to solve their issues with your honest opinion.

Unless we treat ourselves negatively, we will never get a positive response. And when we look at the positive side of everything, all the dealings with us will be positive.

There are many problems in our society, from unemployment to inflation. It is very easy for us to blame the government. But the community is not ready to try to rectify this deterioration. We look for leaders to voice our problems but do not think to be a leader to solve our problems.

God has given us many creativity, made us the most superior of His creatures. We have the potential to bring about all kinds of change, but for that we have to change ourselves. We have to bring about such a positive change in our self that has an impact on the entire nation.